Sandscribe Communications's mission is to supply innovative media training and production opportunities and support services to the diverse population in Ethiopia and throughout the Horn of Africa.

Sandscribe's vision is "conscientious media and arts" which we define as being positively charged, affirming social values such as knowledge, human understanding, trust, cooperation, forgiveness, love, wisdom, aspiration, ambition, hard work, self-empowerment, creativity, cultural affirmation, and hope for constructive social transformation. Towards that vision, Sandscribe works to develop quality training and the production of mature entertainment media and art in the region.

News and Announcements

For the summer and fall of 2012, Sandscribe Communications is looking for instructors and volunteers from North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and Africa to travel to Ethiopia to participate in training workshops and capacity building seminars. Whether you are looking for college credit or a new job experience, this is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the future of film and media development in a country that has one of the fastest economic growth rates today but also at the same time one of the highest poverty rates. For more information,read more.

Dr. Steven W. Thomas, chairman of Sandscribe Communications's international advisory board, travelled to Ethiopia in June, 2010 where he met with partners and attended Ethiopia's first international short film festival in Addis Ababa. For his thoughts and reflections about that festival,read more.