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Welcome to Sandscribe Communications!

Today, when media technology becomes more accessible and the consumption for leisure-related activities is growing throughout the world -- when the impact of film, television, and othege number of films were produced in Ethiopia, the quality of most of the films has been questionable. In Contemporary filmmaking, there are very few Ethiopians who have equipped themselves with the proper education. Apparent problems ranging from lack of appropriate knowledge and skill in the field to technical setbacks have limited the predominantly young Ethiopian filmmakers to amateurish level of production and market of only local consumption. On the contrary, seeing long lines of film-hungry audience at theatres in Addis Ababa and few other cities is becoming normal, a lot of young ambitious Ethiopian filmmakers are trying hard to make it work. So, establishing a rigorous film and TV training school in Ethiopia is imperative to transform the amateur film practitioners to a professional workforce in the industry in order to fill the gap in lack of companies producing quality films and other media products of positive influence.

Towards this goal, Sandscribe Communications initially focuses on building the capacity of amateur filmmakers and other audiovisual practitioners, especially the disadvantaged groups - through workshops, short and long term trainings on all aspects of film making, TV production and performing arts. In addition to creative and skill trainings, it encourages and helps aspiring young filmmakers and audiovisual experts to produce films and other media products of affirmative values that initiates human understanding, cooperation, forgiveness, trust, love, wisdom, ambition, hard work, self-empowerment, creativity, cultural affirmation, and aspiration for social redemption.